Psychologists on Cosmetic Surgery

There are many people that argue the necessity for plastic surgery and obsession with self image. The cosmetic surgery industry is a huge market that appeals to the insecurities of people, turning billions of dollars each year. Anita Prag, based in Bergvliet is an expert psychologist in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. The popularity of plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement is a direct result of the modern day consumer driven age that we live in. The marketing and advertising  agencies are extremely skilled and adept at appealing to the modern consumers insecurities and vanity. In fact it was Sigmund Freud’s cousin who pioneered advertising as we know it today. During World War he was employed by the government to manage the American propaganda machine. He did such a great job of it that he was quickly employed by the tobacco industry after the war was over to assist them with marketing cigarettes to women, a huge market that was untapped. At the time it was considered to be improper for any self respecting woman to to smoke cigarettes. Freud developed the infamous and most ingenious marketing strategy. He orchestrated a parade of “liberated women” to march down the main street of New York, smoking cigarettes publicly. Freud arranged for all of the press to cover the event. It was titled “Women march carrying torches of freedom”. The “torches of freedom” referring to cigarettes, the implication thereof, was that if you were a woman and dared to smoke publicly, you were free thinking and liberated. And just like that, through the genius of Freud s campaign, the tobacco industry had captured the huge market of female smokers, worth millions of dollars each year. And so began the age of advertising and the birth of consumerism. Essentially appealing to people’s vanity and selling them in most cases products they really don’t need, other than an a purely psychological level.

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation, breast implants, rhinoplasty, liposuction, Botox and fillers have become an absolutely normal and accepted form of medical and surgical treatment  In most cases there is no medical or health related requirement for these procedures. The majority of these plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement procedures are performed purely at the patients request, for reason related to self esteem and personal appearance say many psychologists. We feel it neccessary to inform our readers of all the health implications involved when considering cosmetic surgery and advise that consulting with a qualified psychologist like Dr Anita Prag, is certainly recommended before undertaking a cosmetic surgical procedure. For some people, they find that they are not satisfied after the first cosmetic enhancement and become repeat customers, their behavior almost mimicking that of those that suffer from addictive tendencies. There seems to be a need fill a emptiness in the soul that cannot be filled by surgery, drugs or any other means. If you are one of our South African subscribers and are contemplating undertaking plastic surgery for the first time, we recommend Bergvliet based, Anita Prag, although she treats patients from all over the southern suburbs, click here to read more about her practice and treatment methods.

Plastic surgery can be life changing for some with bodily defects and abnormalities that have suffered embarrassment and shame for a great deal of their lives. If you are considering it purely to satisfy your partners demands or needs, it is recommended that you seek professional advice first on what is best for you.